09-09-2017 :   1. On 16/09/17, there will be P.T. Meeting from 8:30am to 10:30am. Answer sheets of Half Yearly Exam will be shown to the parents on that day. No paper will be shown after 10:30am or other day. It is compulsory for the parents to attend the meeting. students should also come with the parents in school uniform. 2. All the School buses and vans will run as usual from 11/09/17. 3. Students coming by 2-wheelers should wear helmet and also submit consent letter from the parents in School Office by 11/09/2017. 4. Students should come regularly to school and attendance should not be less than 75%.  

11-09-2017 :   XI A Science students will have Chemistry Practical on 12/09/17 [Tuesday] and Biology Practical on 14/09/17 [Thursday]. Date for Physics Practical will be announced later. Classes will run as usual on Practical days also.  

12-10-2017 :   (1) No classes on 13/10/17 for Annual Prize Nite rehearsal. Only participants, prize winners and volunteers will come at 7:45am and dispersal will be at 12:30pm. (2) Diya & Rangoli making competitions will be held on 13/10/17. Participants will come at 7:45am and dispersal will be at 9:30am. (3) There will be no classes on 14/10/17 due to Annual Prize Nite. (4) School bus/ van will not run on 13/10/17 & 14/10/17.  

15-10-2017 :   NOTICE FOR THE PARENTS AND STUDENTS OF STD- IX & XI Dear Parents, This is to inform you that, if your ward has not submitted the Board Registration Form with 2 PP size photographs bearing name and date and registration fee, then please do the same by 16/10/17 in School Office. Also submit the T.C. from previous school and a copy of Birth Certificate, if not submitted so far, as it is necessary for Registration of your ward in CBSE. Please treat this as urgent so that registration is done in time. Thanking you with regards Examination Cell CPS  

13-11-2017 :   INVITATION FOR BAL MELA 2017 Dear Parents, You are cordially invited to witness ‘Bal Mela- 2017’ in our school premises on 14/11/2017. Timing for Bal Mela 2017 will be 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Your gracious presence will be highly encouraging to us. Thanking you With regards Principal (Gowrab Banerjee) CPS, Adityapur  

13-11-2017 :   NOTICE FOR THE PARENTS OF STD-X AND XII STUDENTS Dear Parents, This is for your kind information that tomorrow i.e. 14/11/2017 is the last date to register for Board Examination-2018. If till date your ward has not deposited the requisite registration fee, please deposit the same in the school office from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow so that we can finalise and upload data to CBSE Board. Thanking you With regards Principal, [Gowrab Banerjee]  

16-11-2017 :   Dear parents, Because of approaching winter, the school timing will change w.e.f. 17th November, 2017, till further notice. 1. Nursery to Std-II – 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 2. Std-III to Std-XII - 8:00 a.m. to 1:55 p.m. With regards, [Principal] Gowrab Banerjee.  

11-09-2017 :   XII A Science students will have Physics Practical on 13/09/17 [Wednesday] and Chemistry Practical on 15/09/17 [Friday]. Classes will run as usual on Practical days also.  

13-10-2017 :   Parents are cordially invited to be a part of Annual Prize Nite 2016-17 on 14/10/2017 (Saturday) in school premises. The programme will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will get over by 8:30 p.m. School gate will be closed by 6:15 p.m. Parents of the participants and prize winners can collect their ward(s) only after the entire programme gets over. WELCOME TO WITNESS ANNUAL PRIZE NITE 2016-17  


26-10-2017 :   NOTICE FOR THE PARENTS AND STUDENTS OF STD- IX & XI WHO HAVE NOT SUBMITTED BOARD REGISTRATION FORM D/P, This is to inform you that, till date, your ward has not submitted the Board Regd Form and Fee after repeated reminders. Please submit the required documents in school office from 9:00a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on 27/10/17, otherwise your ward cannot be registered for Board examination. Please treat this as urgent & ignore if already submitted. Principal CPS  


17-10-2017 :   ? On 18/10/17 (Wednesday), there will be regular classes. The school will remain closed on 19/10/17 & 20/10/17 on account of Diwali. ? On 21/10/17 (Saturday), there will be full working day and Friday’s Time -Table will be followed.  

24-10-2017 :   1. There will be holiday for Chhat Puja from 25/1017 to 27/10/17. 2. Timing for the Report Card & P.T. meeting on 28/10/17 is 8:30a.m. – 10:30a.m. 3. Please bring one recent PP size photograph in school uniform for the Report Card, if not submitted to Class teacher. 4. Report card hard copy will not be given to the parents. But parents can take the snap of the report card. 5. There will be Football Practice (only for girls selected) on 25/10/17, 26/10/17, 28/10/17, & 29/10/17, during the holidays. Timing will be 6:30am – 9:00am on the dates mentioned.  

25-10-2017 :   NOTICE FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS OF STD 9 & 11 OF CPS D/P, This is for your kind information that, if your ward does not submit the Board Registration Form along with the Registration Fee by 26/10/17 in school office, then your ward cannot give the Board Examination. So, submit the completed Form and Fee on 26/10/17 from 10 am to 11 am in school office, as last date for Registration is 28/10/17. Please ignore if already submitted. Principal (Gowrab Banerjee)