Central Public School


Morning Assembly

At Central Public School the day begins with the morning assembly, when the students assemble in the school ground for prayers, a solemn pledge of dedication and duty throughout the day and various other activities.

Each of the four Houses in turn, conducts the assembly in which the members of that particular House present the Thought for the day, news headlinesand campus news. There are two regular speakers in the assembly,one senior and one junior. These speakers deliver useful talks related to the day, season or occasion. At times the assembly also presents short skit and recitation to emphasize an idea, feeling or thought.

In the morning assembly the students often get a chance to listen to the inspiring words of the Principal and invited guests. Teachers address is a regular feature.

Important Notices are given in the assembly and the students are informed about important dates and events.

In this way the Morning Assembly is of vital importance in strengthening of moral values, feelings of patriotism and preparing the students in the best way for the day ahead. The assembly disperses with the singing of National Anthem.



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