Central Public School



Sports and Physical Education is an integral part of curriculum at Central Public School. Every Saturday we have regular mass P. T. for all classes from class II to XII. The students exercise on the beat of the drum and in accompaniment of rhythmic tunes of Casio; they are guided by the sports teachers and supervised by class teachers and others in the field. There is also a provision for yoga classes and karate classes, when the students are taught the various asanas and techniques of martial arts.

Children at CPS are given every opportunity to play the game of their choice. Here we have the facility for various indoor and outdoor games. Apart from the regular games period within the class routine the students are given extra training in games like football, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess and carom. The games teacher is always with the students, teaching them various rules and regulations of games and at the same time instilling in them the more important values of team spirit, confidence and discipline.



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